Cyazofamid (Ranman®)
Distributed in:

Fluazinam is distributed by Syngenta  (

  • sold as Altima® in Colombia and Ecuador
  • sold as Shogun® in Mexico
  • sold as Shirlan® in Chile


Pyriofenone (Property®)


Fluazifop (Hache Uno®)

Flazasulfuron (Katana®)

Nicosulfuron (Sanson®, Nisshin®)

  • Distributed by Syngenta in Mexico as Sanson®

Tolpyralate (Raker®)

  • Distributed in Mexico by HELM as Raker®
  • Distributed in Chile by ANASAC as Raker®


Flonicamid (Beleaf® and Turbine®)

Cyclaniliprole (Muteki® and Harvanta®)

  • Registered in Peru as Muteki®
  • Distributed in Mexico by HELM as Harvanta®
  • Distributed in Colombia by HELM as Harvanta®

Insect Growth Regulator

Chlorfluazuron (Atabron®