ISK Biosciences Corporation, with headquarters in Concord, Ohio, has primary responsibility for development, registration and logistics for ISK’s products in the Americas.  ISK Biosciences brings to the world of agricultural chemicals several new products to serve a growing, global market. 

ISK Biosciences is uniquely positioned to respond to promising new opportunities and is developing seven products discovered by the parent company Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.  These include the fungicides: fluazinam (sold as Omega, Allegro, Altima, Shogun and Frowncide in the Americas) and cyazofamid (sold as Ranman and Segway); the nematicide fosthiazate (sold as Nemathorin, Cierto, and Sinnema); the herbicides flazasulfuron (sold as Katana and Mission) and nicosulfuron (Samson); and the insecticide flonicamid (sold as Aria, Carbine and Beleaf). 

ISK's products are distributed by Syngenta, FMC Corporation, PBI/Gordon Corporation, and Summit Agro in the United States.  ISK’s herbicide nicosulfuron (Sanson, Nisshin) and insect growth regulator, chlorfluazuron (Atabron) are available in Latin American countries.

ISK Biosciences Corporation
Corporate Headquarters

7470 Auburn Road, Suite A
Concord, OH 44077-9703

Telephone: (440) 357-4640

Toll Free: (877) 706-4640


ISK Biosciences Corporation
Houston Office

2237 Haden Road
Houston, TX 77015-6449

Telephone: (713) 393-3760


ISK Biosciences Corporation
Kansas City

211 S. Platte Clay Way
Kearney, MO 64060



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