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has primary responsibility for development, registration and logistics for Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.’s products in the Americas. ISK Biosciences brings several new agricultural products to serve a growing, global market.



  • US EPA approves Kenja® for Gray Mold on Berries in WA

    A specific exemption has been granted by the US EPA for growers in the State of Washington to use Kenja® 400SC (Isofetamid 400SC) to control Gray Mold (Botrytis Cinerea) on Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries.  Kenja 400SC is distributed by Summit Agro USA.

  • Segway® Label Update

    EPA approves the addition of Phythium root rot control in turf to the Cyazofamid 400SC Turf and Ornamental Label.  Cyazofamid is distributed as Segway® Fungicide SC by PBI/Gordon Corporation for the turf market.

  • KENJA® (Isofetamid) Registration

    Summit Agro receives registration from the state of California for ISK Biosciences’ KENJA® 400SC (Isofetamid) for Botrytis gray mold control in strawberries.  Kenja can be applied to strawberries through day of harvest. 

    KENJA fungicide fends off botrytis from the field to the packing house, ultimately extending the shelf life of freshly harvested strawberries.  Kenja is marketed by Summit Agro US.  Learn more about Kenja® at

  • Beleaf® New Approval

    Beleaf® has received Canadian approval for aphid and lygus control for Greenhouse Strawberries in British Colombia.

  • Kabuto® (Isofetamid) Fungicide SC for Turf

    PBI Gordon announces Kabuto® (Isofetamid) Fungicide SC as a proprietary liquid formulation to control dollar spot diseases in turf grass.

  • Ranman® Label Update

    Bulb Vegetable Crops have been approved by the EPA to be added to the Ranman® Label for control of Downy Mildew.